Lunch Tea Gathering with Juliana and Frank
Dear All,

This noon we held a lunch tea party at 12:45 p.m. 2015 May 9 Saturday at Fung Shing Chinese Restaurant 豐盛酒樓, Nam Fung Centre 南豐中心, Tsuen Wan MTR
Station Exit A, to welcome our classmate Lee Suk Lin Juliana 李淑蓮ɏand her husband Frank Wong, who came back to visit Hong Kong.
Taking part in this gathering were:-

1) Lee Suk Lin Juliana 李淑蓮ɏand her husband Dr Frank Wong黃輔霖;
2) Dr Sam Lau Shum Ping 劉森坪;
3) Pang Jark Fan Steven 彭澤蕃;
4) Ho Ming Cheong 何銘昌;
5) Yu Fong Jy 于芳芝;
6) Yue Tsing 余靜;
7) Wong Shak Hai 黃鍚禧 and wife Teresa.

We regret that classmates Felix Lee Shun Hon李信漢, Lee Yui Keung Ken 李銳強,
Jark Wai Bun 翟偉斌, Miu Wah Keung 苗華強, Ng Kui Bor 伍鉅波, Chan Mai 陳邁~
who were too busy and could not come.

We enjoyed fully of our gathering time, nice chats and good food for 3 hours and parted at 3:30 p.m. We wish Juliana and Frank a nice stay in Hong Kong as well as a safe flight home Canada next Wednesday. Please find attached here snapshots taken during our gathering.

Best regards.

Shak Hai

1st Photo 20150509_152219, from Left to right :-

Front:- Dr Lau Sum Ping 劉森坪, Dr Frank Wong黃輔霖, Lee Suk Lin Juliana 李淑蓮, Back: Wong Shak Hai 黃鍚禧, Pang Jark Fan Steven 彭澤蕃, Ho Ming Cheong 何銘昌, Yue Tsing 余靜, Yu Fong Jy 于芳芝;

2nd photo 20150509_152248
Back 1st one:- Teresa Lam (Wong Shak Hai's wife), the rest are the same as in 1st photo above.

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