Magnum-Dynalab MD-90 FM Tuner


A name long associated with superlative audiophile tuners, Magnum-Dynalab tuners have established a reputation world wide for their outstanding performance.

Though not inexpensive, Magnum-Dynalab offers a range of FM tuners that will fit most budgets.

If you are serious about FM, you’ll find complete satisfaction with the performance of a Magnum-Dynalab tuner.

Magnum-Dynlab believes that analog tuning circuits provide performance superior to digital or frequency synthesis tuning. In contrast with the frequency synthesis method of tuning, analog is not dependent on a digital microprocessor chip to establish the tuner's receive frequency. With analog, tuning is accomplished using specially-selected, discrete components in the tuner's critical "front end." In the Magnum Dynalab design, these components are selected and matched so that a unique balance of sensitivity, selectivity and sound can be maintained.

However, the most significant advantage in analog is that it delivers control into the hands of the user. Infinite tuning is available in order to establish maximum stereo separation or to detune slightly in order to minimize on-frequency noise. With frequency synthesis tuners, this capability is offered usually in fixed, 50KHz steps. While FM stations themselves are rarely found to be transmitting outside the +-2KHz standard, FM station signals that are rebroadcast over cable may not be quite so precise.

The MD-90's in house manufactured 3-stage RF front end is sure to extract the most intricate signals from amongst the milieu of FM congestion that abounds in today's urban markets. Additional support is given through the custom Auto Blend RF circuit, which constantly monitors and varies stereo separation, insuring optimal "stereo quieting" during your listening sessions.

The MD-90 incorporates all functions in a totally redesigned motherboard. This integration has provided the necessary design efficiencies to allow consistently higher levels of selectivity to be maintained. Along with added selectivity, the MD-90 has a redesigned power supply circuit that maintains the tuner circuitry at standby at all times when the tuner is connected to a live AC source. The MD-90 can now also house the analog remote system (FTR) inside the chassis allowing for precise analog tuning through the optional remote control.

Extra: Imagine the superb performance of a Magnum-Dynalab tuner enhanced with the enchanting liquidity of vacuum tubes. The boys at Magnum-Dynalab did just that and now offer a class a triode analog output stage as an option on any of their models. Check out the “Related Products” link below to learn more.


• BW 1/ BW 2 bandwidth control - Switchable to effectively control annoying sideband interference.
• Mute circuit - noise-activated with manual defeat switch.
• Auto Blend RF circuit - automatically monitors and varies stereo separation insuring optimal "stereo quieting" during your listening sessions.
• Stereo/Mono Mode - User switchable.
• Digital frequency display - Independent frequency counter derives input from tuner's local oscillator section and displays in soft, amber 0.5" LED numerals.
• Balanced Outputs-allows Felxibility in system design
• Precision Flywheel Tuning -gives accuracy and ease of tuning.
• Retail $995 (Special pricing listed below)

Click on the Review link for more information on the MD-90T employing the tube output stage option on the MD-90.

Click here for a review of this product.
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Magnum-Dynalab MD-90 FM Tuner


Magnum Dynalab MD-90

● 谭泽江

  最近,Magnum Dynalab推出了全新系列的调谐器,其中多个型号都使用了真空管,对于无胆不欢的发烧友,是个大好消息。





  真空管调谐器是许多发烧友苦苦搜寻的目标,目前除了Magnum Dynalab的顶级调谐器MD-108使用了真空管之外,其他厂家都不生产真空管调谐器。无奈的是,MD-108调谐器的售价高达5850美元(约1万新元),实在难以奉陪。即使退而求其次,向二手真空管调谐器下手,一部古董Marantz 10B的售价也同样高不可攀,而其他品牌的真空管调谐器也是同样少见,状况好的更是可遇不可求。

  多年来,我一直在使用来自加拿大的Magnum Dynalab Etude调谐器。Magnum Dynalab是当今调谐器厂家中的佼佼者。最近,Magnum Dynalab推出了全新系列的调谐器,其中多个型号都使用了真空管,对于无胆不欢的发烧友,是个大好消息。

  MD-90调谐器是Magnum Dynalab MD系列中最“便宜”的一部,订价为1800元。在MD-90的面板上,有三个巨大的指示表以及一个液晶(LED)数字显示屏;面板的左边,整齐地排列着各种功能选择挚;面板的右边则是一个巨大的调频旋钮,散发着强烈的专业色彩。


  乍看之下,MD-90似乎非常专业复杂,其实却非常易用。选台时,只需转动调频旋钮,液晶显示屏上的频段数字便会开始跳动,直到所要的波段为止。接着,再微调旋钮,当面板正中的“调谐”(Tuning)指针处于零(正中)的位置时,便表示接收准确。右边的“讯号”(Signal)指示表,则显示接收讯号的强弱,数字越高,讯号越强。虽然指示表的最高读数为10,但厂方声明为了保护指示表的机件,指针是不会达到10的位置。面板左边的 Multipath表则显示讯号的清晰度,当指针不在零的位置上时,表示电台讯号受到干扰,可移动或旋转天线直到指针处于零的位置为止。